I don't understand my relationship status?

So I had this situation recently where I had met this boy who lives 6 hours away from me and we met one Friday night. I wasn't seeking a relationship but wasn't against it either. He asked for my number and he instantaneously started texting. He told me that we were so much alike and how he has never felt a connection like this with anyone else. Monday night he dropped a huge bombshell saying that he had another girlfriend but didn't think things were gonna work out. Since then he has asked me basically daily or texted me of sorts asking if I was okay etc. 4 days after he told me that he had a different girlfriend he started talking to me about making out and how much we were alike and that I should come for a visit etc. He found out my hobbies and he couldn't beleive a girl liked hockey as much as he did. Then he told me that he loves me and he hopes dreams will come true. I thought something good was gonna happen like as in he was gonna break off his other relationship but for the past 2 days now he has brought up his other relationship again and said I seem to keep forgetting he has a different girlfriend. Meanwhile it was him that brought it up and he was the one that was talking about making out with me and he still tells me every night how much he loves me. Anyhow I feel completely confused. Like should I break it off? Like does he truly love me or did he just want to have a friendship? Either way I'm not okay having a friendship now that I know he has a different girlfriend. And based on what he said to me about making out and how much we are alike and he wished that dreams will come true i still think there's something fishy. And also last night I never texted him at all and he asked me if I was okay and he got very annoyed when i didn't text him back cause he was worried about me. Why is he so worried if he has a different girlfriend?
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Awe thanks everyone!! ☺☺
Last night I decided to contact him and tell him that I was feeling very confused and worried about my future. He said that he still really loves me and can't believe how nice I am. Except he feels so disloyal to his other girlfriend and is at a complete loss as to what to do. I wouldn't like to be in his situation but he started it. He said he wants some time to think because maybe it will work out. I reminded him that either way a girls heart is gonna be broken. 😩😭
I don't understand my relationship status?
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