Do four lefts make a right?

Six months ago was the end of a six year relationship with my daughters mother. It was after a series of arguments and estranged living. We lost our apartment and she had to move to Beckley. After a few weeks of this I was asked how I felt about us. I responded bluntly and honestly. I love her but I'm not in love with her. The drug addiction that we both struggled with had stolen my dignity, my self respect, and my best friend. We were codependent and toxic. We knew how to break each other's willpower to enable the drug use. The main reason for the emotional turmoil I felt was that at her six week checkup at OBGYN, instead of getting an IUD or similar BC like we had discussed and compromised towards, she had her tubes tied behind my back. I understand it's her body and she was just fine with our two girls; but two children, an engagement, and six emotionally taxing years filled with heartache and loss; was I wrong to feel betrayed and lost? All I wanted was another child. A boy. It was another month after her appt that I found out because my sister cajoled her into admitting it. My sister had to tell me because my ex wouldn't speak to me about it. I didn't speak to her for a week solid and the loss of trust and compassion was pivotal to our relationship ending. Am I wrong or right or just being selfish? Also have other thoughts and questions that I just need to get out of my heart and head.
Do four lefts make a right?
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