Bumpt into ex girl after 2 years that dumped me. Could things be different now?

Ran into an ex after 2 years of no contact

Me (26 y.) and my ex (23 y. also bi-polar) broke up 2 years ago. She was the one that dumped me although I had thought about breaking up more than once myself. She was also the one that I knew wanted to make things workout just as much as myself throughout the entire span of relationship of 3 years.

We were both equally responsible for the end of it. I became insensitive and angry and she became pathologically jealous and arrogant and would constantly put up fights over the jealousy thing. We both have tremendous amount in common in terms of values and perception of the world, have the same hobbies, been raised in very dysfunctional families and have been very close. We also were very much sexually compatible.

Before a split up each of our internal issues reached its peak as we also had grown our egos through the rough + had many severe problems among which finances and unability to deal with stresses in both lifes’ pushed us away from one another further.

Me, having dated / communicated with over 50 women over 2 years, I realize none even came close to what I am seeking in other person. We bumped into each other after 2 years of no contact while in the town and talked for about 30 minutes. This is as short as I managed to keep up since she was eager to ask me a lot of questions and talk about herself. She looked happy and sad at the same time.

Her life is apprantly a mess with no financial stability and lots of family deaths at this point.

Do you think time can bring ex soulmates together? Many thanks.
Bumpt into ex girl after 2 years that dumped me. Could things be different now?
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