Should I even consider her my first girlfriend?

Some of you know the story.

We instantly clicked online and lived a lot of things together, shared a lot, but she did something that has me doubting about everything we had, and what she did was after we break up. It wasn't exactly that neither, it was the lie she kept and the way she fooled me.


I was in a 3 years online relationship. It started in 2014, ended in 2017. In 2018 (an entire year later) she told me that some months after our breakup she started liking a guy and that now it was something serious.

Why she did it? In her own words, she told me that she thought I was with someone else. I forgot to add that she ghosted me.

The distance we had was insane (8000 km apart), so I decided that having a friendship was the best thing for us. Of course, I still felt something for her, and I thought she was still single, that's why we still flirted now and then. When she told me about the guy I set off distance and demanded her to stop sending me romantic emojis. From there the flirting stop and the ghosting continued, even though she was the one messaging me first.

With that lie, I had a lot of doubts related to how honest was she during the whole relationship. Maybe that's why I never felt like she was giving her 100% because she wasn't been truthful.

For all what we lived, I want to believe she was my first, but then, she thought I was playing with her, and I thought she was all serious and honest, after 3 years!
Should I even consider her my first girlfriend?
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