When an ex boyfriend said he misses talking to you/misses you?

I went on a group trip to Seattle in which my ex was apart of. At first we avoided each other , but at a later point, we ended up sitting to the side together and he apologized to me about how he handled me/my feelings/the situation. Called himself dumb and a dick for removing me and acting so cold. He deeply regretted about treating someone who cared for him so deeply in such a careless manner. He broke up with me after a trip to see him in his state when he ended up having a diabetic attack. It was abrupt and it shattered me but I could see his reasoning. He felt guilty for how it all went and was embarrassed ontop of going through immense health/work stressed. We talked and talked with many sorries back and forth. Sat for 2 hours just looking at each other and eventually we were able to laugh and talk the same as we used to. While laughing he touched my arm and asked if he could hug me.
We ended up picking back up by talking on Snapchat, he is back to looking at my stories and chatting in a familiar fun sense.

What do you guys think? I gave him space and did no contact, and did no contact till we HAD to run into each other on this trip. So there was enough time for him to realize how he acted an d he owned up to it. Thoughts on this situation overall?
When an ex boyfriend said he misses talking to you/misses you?
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