My boyfriend has been caught twice for messaging girls. Should I leave him?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year. We lived together in the first month of knowing each other as he didn’t have a place to live but we got on so well and never had one argument. Till once I went on his phone as we had each other’s passwords and saw he had been replying to two girls stories of them in bikinis saying ‘your so hot’ or ‘your body’s amazing’ and I confronted him and told him how much it hurt me as I’ve been cheated on with every partner I’d had. He cried and said how sorry he was and I believed him as I didn’t think he had bad intentions. Recently I looked at his phone again and he’d been messaging another girl but this was when we had a small break of a week. It was only one messaging saying she’s attractive and when I confronted him he said he’d only spoken to her 4 times but there was only one message so he admitted he deleted all the other messages so I couldn’t see them. This worries me more as now I don’t know how many girls or what these messages said.
These messages were from 4 months ago and there were no more recent ones but what if he’s just deleted them all? I’m so confused as this is my first real love before all this we had the prefect relationship. I don’t want to leave him as I’m so in love but I feel so insecure now. I constantly worry what he’s doing or if he’s thinking about other girls. Every time we talk about it he gets really upset and he’s cried a lot over what he’s done but how could he do it again once he knew how low my confidence was and how putting my trust in someone is so hard for me. I don’t want to feel insecure in myself and I don’t have the best mental health so being alone scares me a lot. But if I went back to him I don’t know how I could build that trust again and not have to be so jealous in the relationship. Any suggestions would be great xxx
My boyfriend has been caught twice for messaging girls. Should I leave him?
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