If you break up in love or irrationally, can you get back together?

My ex ended things out of nowhere with me. He said he’d been thinking about it for months but I’ve failed to believe this because all he ever talked about was the future and he asked me to move in with him a week before ending and was constantly asking me to meet up. He was extremely under pressure with a college thesis and with trying to find himself, so there were cracks starting to show in the person he is but there were no cracks in our relationship, at least nothing that couldn’t be worked on.

I know he still loves me because he himself said this is the hardest thing he’s done and he’s heartbroken and his family are destroyed. He said we were at 2 different crossroads and he felt like he needed to go and find himself. He did make remarks like “our relationship was good at the start” which I found insulting but don’t think he believes himself. He’d just encouraged us to book a huge holiday abroad a month before ending, and only 2 days before he’d ended things, he kept saying how excited he was for it.

I met his mom last week to return his things and even she said she doesn’t think our chapter is closed, she said that time is a healer and we just need to take space. She said she can see how down he is since ending things and that he’s not as happy as he used to be. She agreed that he’s very worried about the future and he felt he couldn’t balance everything, but she does think he made the mistake of ending things and that no relationship is a walk in the park.

Everyone I’ve spoken with has agreed that this decision came out of nowhere and said we were so good together. Friends or family that saw us together days before ending can’t seem to understand why we ended, and think he’s a bit unstable. I do believe that time could repair us, but we’ve cut contact completely. He’s muted me online which has led me to believe that he me wants a fresh start and to truly forget about me. He deleted photos too and he said he just couldn’t bare to see everything.
If you break up in love or irrationally, can you get back together?
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