Should I have tried to reach out to her? Was I just a rebound?

I got introduced to this girl on Facebook by a friend, and we hit it off. We meshed incredibly well and we could talk all day. She opened up to me really quickly and we had a lot in common with our family and struggles.
Only downside is she lived two hours away for school, but we talked everyday. She said she really liked me, and we were gonna spend her month long break together. Even though I offered to go see her, because of her school and my work schedule, she said that it wouldn't be fair to me because I'd drive 4 hours round trip for a few hours together.
When she came down and I was supposed to pick her up, it went horrible. She was absolutely dead quite. She said she had a migraine, but after a few hours, and her being really distant, she asked me to take her home. She admitted she thought while we were talking she was ready for a relationship, but she felt she wasn't when I came to get her. She was very upset, she said I was a great guy, someone she wanted to be with, and the best guy she's ever talked to, but needed time.
I kissed her cheek and said I understood and it was ok.
Over the next few months, I tried to be her friend but she pushed me away. Eventually snapping at me and I gave up. I blocked her after a few weeks and I never tried to reach out.
Was I supposed to try to reach out again or was it all her? Was I just a rebound?
Should I have tried to reach out to her? Was I just a rebound?
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