I have to see my ex boyfriend loving someone else 🥺?

Me and my ex-boyfriend had an amazing summer romance and I lost my virginity to him, I developed a very strong attachment. He would make me feel insecure about myself all the time , not give me enough attention and make me feel unworthy. However in the beginning he was not like this he’s the only boy to ever have taken me on a date , showed me off on social media and make me feel loved and appreciated. I waited to loose my virginity for a long time and eventually thought he was the right person to loose it too , it felt natural. Things ended and he admitted he was cheating on me the whole time , I was genuinely broken and depressed after having lost my virginity to him , I felt used and very sad for a long time. The problem is him
And his new girlfriend both go to my school and I have to see them together everyday. it hurts to see him love her how I wanted to be loved. there were rumours that he cheated on her and I am kinda glad it’s not me , but it still hurts and I feel so empty and upset. please give me advice🥺I’m 17 by the way
2 mo
He’s cheating on his girlfriend with a girl I know , should I tell her?
I have to see my ex boyfriend loving someone else 🥺?
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