I miss my ex, and wish we could repair things?

My ex ended things in July. Before you answer “just move on”, can you please read this and just help, I don’t want negativity, I’m way too low.

We broke up in July and I ended up miscarrying about a week after. We met up 2 weeks later and he apologised for being nasty during the breakup but that it’s what he wanted. He said he didn’t know who he was and he needed to find himself. It came out of completely nowhere as we’d been getting along nicely. We’d had a few fights but nothing worth ending over. In fact, only days before ending, he asked me to move away with him, and he was getting all excited about a holiday we booked to Dubai.

When we ended, he told me to bring my best girl mate to Dubai, to which I replied “no I won’t be bringing a girl” which he wasn’t happy about. It’s so weird because days before we broke up, he told me his insecurities of me running off with another guy, he expressed insecurities because he said all men want me and that he’s so lucky he has me.

He owes me money for Dubai and he told me he’d give it to me and he hasn’t. I’ve now discovered that I can’t change the name on the ticket either so he either goes or I waste nearly €800.

He muted me online and told me he had to do it for himself to move on because he can’t handle seeing my stuff, yet I saw he was creeping the other day.

I visited his family home to return his things and his mom said she thinks it’s a mistake and we’ll be back together some day. She said time is a healer. I thought he’d text me to thank me for dropping off his things, but he didn’t. He’s told our mutual friends we broke up because we “drifted” which is a lie because up until the last day, he was all over me, showing me love.

A month on and I’m in consistent pain and miss him so much. I’d love to repair things in time, what’s the best way?
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Hey thanks so much for the reply ☺️ he didn’t find out about the miscarriage until ages after we broke up! He broke up with me out of nowhere and he really said hurtful things and said we weren’t compatible, and then we met up about 3 weeks after the argumentative breakup, and we broke up on better terms and he just said he still felt it was the best idea & I lied and agreed with him, and after that, I told him I’d miscarried. He said he’d be there to talk to but he really hasn’t been.
I miss my ex, and wish we could repair things?
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