How do I get over my fear of commitment?

I have shitty luck in the realm of love. Nothing last too long and I’m usually getting played, manipulated, lied to, or used. My last relationship with my ex didn’t help with this either. We dated twice and he broke up with me 4 months ago in order to focus on college but lied to me and ended up talking to one of his ex’s (who I would just like to add is 16 years old and a junior in High School and he’s 18, out of high school)

Ever since this and other incidents, I’ve had a hard time with relationships. It makes me angry. Granted, I probably shouldn’t have dated my ex again but as the one person in my friend group who is always having relationship problems while my other friends are happily taken, It makes me feel like I’m not good enough to be taken seriously for someone else’s affection. I’ve been body-shamed by other boys or compared to their exs, been criticized for lacking certain “features” (i. e curves, bigger breast, a fat ass), had secrets I’ve told to my past ex’s used against me, it’s just tiring. I just want to be loved for who I am. I want to be taken seriously. I want someone to be proud to be with me. It’s hard for me to trust people because I know they’ll probably take me for granted and use me for their sexual advantages.

I don’t know. I hate feeling so worthless.
How do I get over my fear of commitment?
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