Boyfriend is moving 1.5 hours away?

My boyfriend got a job in my area, and for a year he has been living 30 minutes away. He decided he wants to move back to his parents’ house for a few months, until January or so. So, that’s 4 months. When we first started dating, he lived with his parents for about 4 months. So, we did the drive to each other that way. However, it was easier because I was not looking for full-time jobs/he did not start working full time until about 2 months into those 4 months he was previously living with his parents.

I am just worried, because now I will likely only see him on weekends. He will have a longer commute to work, probably 1 hour on the way there, and 2+ on the way home. On the weekends, he likely won’t want to drive to me. I’m hoping he would.

Anyways, I’m not sure how happy i Will be only seeing him on weekends. We currently toned down the amount we see each other to being 1-2x a week because we both needed to focus on ourselves. But, it’s gonna be hard not being able to just drive 30 mins and see him whenever I want.

How do you handle the distance? It’s not too bad, but, it is a distance, for sure. We also already have some trust issues. He tells me we’ll be okay, and he isn’t really worried about us. But, I am.
Boyfriend is moving 1.5 hours away?
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