Am I wrong for stating the obvious?

So my ex and I recently split. We were together for 5 years, have 2 kids. We have had our problems, she has kicked me out numerous times on the assumption that I was cheating, polygraph proved I wasn't,. Everytime she kicked me out i have never really left. I stayed in my car in the drive way, abandoned house next door. I was always in reach if she needed something. Well recently she has been keeping secrets and lying out her ass. She asked me what will it take for me to trust her, i told her a polygraph test. I get home from work, my kids and her are gone. She tells me she can't do this any more, etc etc.. Am I wrong for telling her that she walked out on us and to stop blaming me? Telling her that i never walked away from her like she has done?
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Am I wrong for stating the obvious?
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