He blocked me after I unfriended him?

Getting to know this guy for 6 months, things seemed very possible of us getting together. He told me he was worried about losing me completely & often made remarks about us being in a relationship.

Anyways he had been dating other people and he told me things had started getting serious with another girl (she lives 5 mins away & I live 3 hours away). I asked him if he was going to pursue things with her & he said yes but wanted us to still be friends. I told him I couldn’t do that & I needed to remove him from everything as I was scared of losing him too & I just did. I would say the break up was civil, he apologised a lot and I kept it short and blunt and saying ok and bye. I unfriended him on everything.

Not to be bitter or petty but mainly so I can move on and so that I don’t have to see him posting things with this new girl as I know it will hurt me. I’ve just seen today though he has blocked me on fb after I unfriended him (I know shouldn’t have checked). Why would he do this? We have no mutual friends and our accounts are both private so can’t see anything anyways. I just feel like blocking me after I unfriended him is just pointless and uncalled for.
He blocked me after I unfriended him?
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