I want my ex to realise what he once had?

We’ve been broken up for nearly 6/7 weeks and our last meet-up was just a month ago. I can’t stop thinking about him, and I miss him so much. He’s not acting like himself since we ended. He goes out more, he hangs out with people he says he hated. I miscarried when we’d just broken up initially and he said he’d be there to talk to, and I’ve heard absolutely nothing from him. He’s muted me on social media but he’s been watching some of my things now and then, so he obviously has been checking in on my page out of curiosity.
We got on extremely well and we didn’t have any problems. We had the odd fight but he sprung the breakup on me out of nowhere which is why I’m struggling so much. Somedays im fine and somedays I can’t stop crying. I really do want him back, I want him to see what he lost and to come back all on his own. We have a holiday booked for November and I wish we were able to go together because I can’t change his name on the flight ticket & it cost so much money. He owes me so much money too he promised he’d give and he hasn’t.
I want my ex to realise what he once had?
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