I've done something I shouldn't have done. And now I regret it and I wish I could change it. Can I?

I was crushing on my cousin from my teens and he too had crush on me and we both entered into a relationship two months ago. We're Indians and cousin marriages are allowed in India.

He's religious, caring, opens doors for me, carries my bags for me, asks me to let him know when I reach home, buys me food when I'm hungry and does everything a perfect husband would do.

Once I asked him to buy me chocolates in a place where there were no shops for which he walked for two hours to reach a store.

For the past 1 week he was busy. So I got so pissed off and spoke things that I shouldn't have. (I told him he'll definitely break up with me, that he's free to leave when he wants to and that he doesn't miss me at all and doesn't care 'bout my feelings).

After me saying these things he told me he doesn't want to hurt me and asked me to sleep as it was already 1 am.
The next day I forgot about what happened last night and spoke with him as if nothing had happened. Then he told me that we both should breakup if I continue to talk things like that the next time.

I got pissed off again and asked him to leave if he really wants to. This pissed him off and he broke up with me telling that he doesn't deserve my love.
And he also said that he has lost hope in relationships, love and marriages. This is because his parents stopped talking to each other for many years but they still live together.

He says that there's no such thing called love. And he also wants to stay friends with me. He is not looking for any other girl because my brother lives with him so I know.

Do you people think he still loves me? I know that what I did was wrong but I want another chance.

Also he's adamant and a stubborn person where if he makes a decision he wouldn't change it. I really want him. How do I get him back?

Do you think he's mad at me? Does he still have feelings for me. It's only been two days.
I've done something I shouldn't have done. And now I regret it and I wish I could change it. Can I?
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