Why would she ignore instead of block on Facebook Messenger?

We broke up more than a year ago. Truth be told, I would want to get back with her, but I'm not pushing and giving her as much space as she wants. She will reach out when she needs help and we will hang out from time to time.

She got pregnant with twins with a rebound earlier this year. She told me and I offered to help her out and raise the kids together because he dropped out of sight after she told the baby dad. She even offered to have me in the delivery room but I declined because I didn't think i was in position to be in there. We went to a baby prep class together and I help put together stuff and move other stuff around to prepare for the twins arrival.

The day before the twins were born, she asked me to look after the pets and I did. On my way home from feeding them and while she was in the hospital, she flipped out at me, saying her baby dad had said I tried to friend request him on Facebook, which I definitely did not. I did nothing at all. She told me to stay away from her, which I have. I chalked it up to nerves or she was scared about the birth coming up.

Even though we are not friends on Facebook, we were talking through facebook messenger. She placed me on ignore messages instead of blocking me. Just more curious as to why ignore instead of block, especially if she said not to talk to her.
Why would she ignore instead of block on Facebook Messenger?
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