Why is my ex blocking unblocking me and messaging then deleting them?

So in short we had a bad breakup after 4.5 months. She's inexperienced and thought that working at the relationship was too hard, overly involved friend and ofcourse argument. Ended with her badly insulting me on somethings she said in anger blocked me.

I apologised tried to reason with her but she made a point so I respected it and ignored her. Then tried contacting me and I said assertively look were done and there's nothing more. I do love her and tried, I really wanted to just work this out as the problems are trivial.

Anyway she tried emailing me the otherday to which I gave a hard response. She also had said no. I said no to too.

Then today I saw her unblock and follow me. Kinda confused.

more info:
1. We broke up exatly a week ago tried talking she didn't.
2. We had been having issues.
3. We both went became very insulting to each other and I accept my bad and apologised with things.
4. She thinks I lied about my career and too good to be true. And it is.
5. I almost died the week before due to allergy issues.
5. We last talked 5 days ago on the phone. Yesterday emailed where I told her to stop.
6. She belives small personal differences like really. small is important.
7. Her parents and her think you can insult and win so I rather walked away.
8. I reached out to her forgave her and accepted the breakup.
9. she's been blocking unblocking me and tried to message a few times and deleted them.

Trying to figure out whats up?
Why is my ex blocking unblocking me and messaging then deleting them?
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