Miss my best friend :( ?

my ex & I broke up awhile ago. we were best mates for a few years & together a year. There's been little contact since the break up. ( He ended it stating there's no connection - this been after he said he could see us with grandkids.)
Anyway, we are still friends on face book & his status popped up. His mum (when we were together he had a lot going on family and job wise) had put a status on his wall saying she loves him. I know he hates anything like that.. he used to moan about his mum embarrassing him like that all the time. He'd prefer the private message - if that makes sense?
It just makes me wonder if he's ok? I know its not my problem but I can't help how I feel. I'm trying not to care but I do. Even as friends we both told each other things we haven't told anyone else. Part of me thinks he could of had a break down, though it could also be something else.
Also we are both on this gaming site. I am pretty sure he's hidden any sort of alert that shows if I'm active as it used to always say to join his game if we were both online & it hasn't done for awhile now despite us both been online at the same time. ( I've noticed when I have had a text from someone else - it shows everyone who's online) We're still connected on the game so I haven't been blocked.. Just find it weird esp as I never contacted him via this game. - is this normal for someone who's split up with you for no actual reason?
I've tried moving on but feels impossible. I feel that we are meant to be but I need to accept what he says / does. Maybe in time he'll be back but I can't make his mind up for him. I've been on dates, tried to keep my mind off him. I keep myself as busy as & go out with my friends. I am currently focusing on myself & improving myself. I'm not contacting him at all despite still been fb friends & poker friends. But I still feel lost, I miss my best friend & despite it been a good few months, however unlikely it seems, I still believe hell be back ( I know im sad & pathetic)
Miss my best friend :( ?
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