My girlfriend just dumped me?

She says I never include her in any of
Our decisions. Granted a lot of our decisions included money and most of it was hers. We are long distance. I am in the military and got divorced last year. My ex wife fucked me over and stole money from
Me so I have to take her to court. It’s been messy for that reason. My ex finally paid back the money she owed me and I tried to wire it to my girlfriend but she couldn’t receive it and her bank won’t allow me to put a mobile deposit. I told her to open an IRA and connect it to her account and then give me the info but she argued with me and refused to do it. And then she broke up with me. She says I’m always making decisions about her money and not consulting her first, that I’m always giving her orders and she just follows like a blind idiot. She says she’s told me several times to stop doing that and that she’s tired of it and then told me the relationship was over. Yes I did not include her in decisions about us, but these decisions would have worked for us I think. But now she doesn’t even want her money back that I owe her. She said to forget it and get out of her life from now on. I love her and can’t live without her. How do I get her back? Especially since it’s going to be harder to find another boyfriend since she’s already 36.
My girlfriend just dumped me?
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