Why is my ex talking badly about me to everyone & trying to play the victim?

My ex and I broke up 2 months ago, he ended things just 2 days after our anniversary (really out of nowhere!). I haven’t spoken to him since our last meet up which was amicable enough, even though I am sickened that he threw away 3 years together, over nothing, like he’d no good reason.

anyway 2 months on he’s starting acting out online, deleting me, deleting one or two photos of us, and following girls who used to actually really hurt me online. Like he’s bad mouthed these girls but he’s still chosen to follow and re add them, despite how they treated me.

I met an old friend out last night who said that my ex has been telling people that the only reason he ever dropped them or lost touch was because I hated them and he felt he had to drop them. This isn’t the case whatsoever so I’m really hurt. I’m mostly shocked because he never used to talk badly about me at all. Like we’ve broken up once before and even so he never spoke this nastily. I don’t know what to do or if I should text him and ask him to stop? But I also don’t want a fight to erupt. But he just seems so angry at me.

He started a new job last week and I never wished him luck, & he messaged me last week to let me know he’d paid me back for all he owed me.

My friend said he seems annoyed because I’ve been posting things with a new guy online and she thinks he’s retaliating and causing hurt now out of anger, but I don’t get why. He wanted to end so why is he hurting me now & playing the victim?
Why is my ex talking badly about me to everyone & trying to play the victim?
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