Guys, Decoding guy speak?

Hi, i was just hoping for some advice, my boyfriend of 6 years just asked for a break (until November) i packed up his stuff he took it was text and flirting back and forth have now been separated for a month so far he has been getting more and more distant as the break has gone on and has asked for a blackout on communication, when i asked for closure he sent the below:
I still have a lot of feelings for you, please stop making it out like I'm trying to do a break to string things along and hurt you. I'm not. I've given you my reasons plenty of times, and it's not you. There's wasn't anything about the love we shared that I didn't like. I've told you that I was unsure about being in a relationship, because of things with myself and needed a break to see if that feeling was real or not. We can't keep going around in loops about this. I'm so sorry that this hurts so much, it does for me too even though I know it's my fault." He keeps saying he has given me reasons or says a loop but he is the one fleeting in between both and now i haven't communicated back now i don't know what to do with the house to get a room mate or what to help pay the bills and now he is saying he is trying to find a place with his friend... has anyone dealt with anything like this, has anyone any clue what in the hell happened he said there was no one else any help super super appreciated, i guess i am asking is he done with us?
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Also he was a feeder throughout our relationship and i had recently lost weight and started zumba might that be it is that why he is doing this? And from a guys perspective is he done
Guys, Decoding guy speak?
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