Was I unfair in this situation?

I did something different and went up to this cute girl and asked her out. She said yes, and was very excited. After a day of talking, we went out the next night and we had a great time. She asked to get together the next night if I wanted to after work, and she wasn't able to because of a babysitting job.
We went out again the next day, and we still had fun, but she was exhausted after work. We talked the next day and we're trying to plan to get together again, and then she wouldn't respond.
After a week, she said things had gotten really bad at home and felt she couldn't talk to me. We talked briefly, but she went silent again.
Two weeks later I tried to call her, and still nothing. I then said I thought she liked me, but it doesn't feel like she's interested anymore and I asked her to be upfront about it.
She replied and said she did like me and wished I didn't think that way, and said she was having a hard time. But didn't say anything after that.
Now, three weeks after that message, I messaged her in the morning as a follow-up. By the evening I gave up, and said I really enjoyed getting to know her, and wished good things for her.

Did I handle this correctly?
Was I unfair in this situation?
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