Breaking up with fwb?

I thought my friends with benefits or what he is was coming over tonight, he said call you later. Well he didn't. He knows I have feelings for him and he alo says miss you, we have been seeing esch other 3 months, met 9-10 times slept over almost everytime, talked on phone.

I am annoyed, been waiting until 3 am, i am falling in love, i don't think i will get anything from him other than thinking about him all the time, being in love is the worst!! Is it too dramatic to send him a break up text, a nice one not too serious as we never really were, 3 am and unfriend him on fb. I like this man too much, all my thoughts are about him day and night and i can't take it anymore, he knows i like him.
Breaking up with fwb?
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