How to leave a toxic relationship?

I'm really going to cut to the chase on this one. We began dating Freshman year of high school, and everything was amazing. Sophomore year, he changed a bit. I began to feel lonely in the relationship, which was most likely a warning sign that I should leave, but I stayed, thinking this would be the one. Junior year of high school, everything started falling apart. He began to be nice to me one minute, but not very nice the next. I often felt a lack of support. I got a job, but I didn't really feel like he supported me going towards my goals, he was more concerned that I was getting an income. We began to shed different views on religion. I am a very strict Christian, he was baptized, but now denounced his religion, and views himself as atheist. He then used me to pass a class to run the following sports season. My relationships with his parents have become not so good to my eyes, maybe even toxic. His mom gained up on me and asked me to tutor him, to which he did not want tutoring, he just wanted answers. She, to my feeling, only wants me with him to guarantee he is successful. (we are now seniors in high school). Over the summer, I began feeling like I need to leave, to get out of this relationship, but I stayed, hoping that things would get better. They have not, quite frankly, he began to copy my accounting homework. The last straw was last week over text. I asked him if we were doing anything special for homecoming, he said "idk". i asked him if we were still going, he said yes, I replied with OK, and he said maybe. I was like do you even want to go at this point, he said I don't know, do you? I want to respectfully leave, and meet him somewhere, and say "hey this isn't working out, maybe we should see other people", that sort of thing. However, I feel like at this point, the next time he lashes out at me over text or something, i'm just going to be like "i'm done" and move on. I am so fed up with being used and taken for granted.
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I just want to say, enjoy yourself and I will pray for you, and I hope the best will come for you. I feel like, at this point, he is very much unpredictable. He is a germaphobe, but he keeps forcing me to wash my hands and what not the minute i step in his house. I'm not sure why, but I have deleted the little pictures we had together off of my phone, I deleted his parents contacts. I know there is someone better out there for me than this. I'm sorry if all of you are annoyed, I needed to vent.
How to leave a toxic relationship?
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