Why is he behaving bizarre? Is this normal?

This may sound odd, I work in the area and I moved in the same building as my ex. Why? I was offered 2 months free on the apartment which is what I needed!

I broke up with him by the way. He would get jealous and insecure. He would try to make me allow him to see me when I didn’t want to and accuse me of cheating all kinds of stuff. He claimed to love me she wanted to marry me.

Anyway , I kept me moving in the building a secret because I didn’t want awkwardness.

He randomly messaged me and we hung out. Later he identified my key that matched his. He labeled me a stalker and told me not to talk to Anyone he knows at the apartment building. He then got paranoid and said he may have to break his lease now that I live here lol.

He also said he didn’t want me talking to some random guy named matt because he would be interested in me.

Why is he causing drama by being paranoid?

He’s single as far as I know. He lives alone and when I did come over to his apartment he never hid me or anything. He was open and we would often walk through the building or town with no issue.

Why is he so paranoid about me talking to people in the apartment building about him. that’s weird why would I randomly start talking to strangers about him?

What’s going on? he text that he loved me , he told me not to ever message him again and that he’s breaking his lease and not to say a word about him. He also said that I’m probably living with a guy I met here while visiting him and probably sleeping with him.

I also left a pair of jeans at his home and he won’t give them back and he blocked me.
Why is he behaving bizarre? Is this normal?
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