Should I say my final piece or is it a waste of time? Was this toxic?

This post could go on for pages but i'm going to make it short and sweet.
My boyfriend just broke up with me. His reason for leaving is because he just want's to be alone and he says he "feels like he needs to grow up" and the relationship isn't right for him right now. He says he loves me and sees a future but has to work out his inner demons.

Over the past few days while he has been moving out I have held strong and just okay - go ahead.
He now is asking me basically to reassure him that i don't hate him and that i value him and am happy for him, loved him etc.

Meanwhile I am sitting here feeling dumped and frankly over the course of the relationship I have at many times found myself trying to convince him how much I care how invested I am etc. Through the whole thing there were many times where he would make me feel bad for him having to feel the pressure of showing up in the relationship. He made me feel like I was responsible for his unhappiness because he had to do things for me. Things that I often didn't even ask him to do. So basically anytime he would go the extra mile or sacrifice something I would be blamed for that was the reason he was distant and unhappy. He blamed me for the fact that "he couldn't ever talk to me" also when I would try so hard to ask him whats wrong.

Coming to the realization that I feel like I have been somewhat devalued, blamed, and had my character mistrusted, I kind of want to let it be known. I think it's unfair that he would question my care because I am finally letting him go. He even went as far as to say that I was going to be vindictive over the breakup.. when I have never been vindictive and I know that's not who I am. It feels really unfair that I have been trying to prove myself the whole relationship and now he is leaving me yet he wan'ts to know I love him etc.

Should I confront him or is it a complete waste of time? is this miscommunication or toxicity?
Should I say my final piece or is it a waste of time? Was this toxic?
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