Was I wrong to just be done?

My ex was just so insecure about my past.

When we were friends he used to read sexts between me and my exes.

He was always weirded out that I used to sleep with a “distant relative” and some other aspects of my past. He was mad I slept with a family friend before. That would come by my house. He was upset I was close to my exes family and had contact with an ex. My exes did want me back but I didn’t want them.

Every week I would comfort him. Every week I would tell him my past means nothing to me. And that he was the best. It was so tiring. But I kept going cause I loved him a lot. I told him I would only be with him and never with anyone else. Either him or no one.

He was upset if I talked to any exes or if they came by to talk to my family. It was a mess. He even called me a few bad words in fights. He then tells me one day he had a past where he made out with a girl and dated a girl for a month. He was 19 and I am 24. He was a virgin when I met him. And he said he didn’t lose it to his past. But still we had a huge fight.

I left him for good. And within the month I found someone. And we began seeing eachother I told my ex cause he was almost stalking me back.

he called me so many names.
Was I wrong to just be done?
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