Are these good reasons to break up with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend was nothing but a sweetheart. I mean he was very jealous sometimes and we fought quite often over small stuff, but the reasons I broke up with him because I felt trapped in the relationship. He doesn’t have a life outside the relationship. No friends, hobbies or any sorts of social life. I couldn’t hang out with my friends or stay at my mom’s place a little longer without feeling bad that I left him alone at home. I tried to introduce him to my friends or let him tag along, but he felt too awkward and uncomfortable around people.

And I still want to do so many things like going abroad or moving from place to place and getting to know a lot of new people. I just don’t think that I’m in a good place to be in a relationship.

It was such a hard and painful decision for me because I still care for him and probably still love him too, but I just had to end it before it will hurt even more in a long run.
I’m still going through the phase where I’m alone and starting to think if I make the right decision. Right now the only things I can think about is those good memories we had together, which also make me sad knowing that I can’t have them anymore.

So I don’t know, did I really make the right decision? I guess I just want a third person point of view
Are these good reasons to break up with my boyfriend?
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