Have you ever survived being with someone dealing with trauma and depression?

I injured my C7 lifting, the options were evasive surgery or prayer and therapy. i chose therapy, and became very depressed, she's stuck by me for 9 months during this time and then said she could no longer do it, I have since then regained my strength through diet and exercise, Im longer lost in a dark forest, but the damage for her was done, she said she learned to be alone even though she was with me, i was not there, I understand this now that im not in that mindframe, I guess my question is if she truly loved me she would give me the chance to relight the flame and carry some of her current load (shes working herself to death and I want to be there and relieve it) and I feel slightly passive aggressive in saying this, but I felt like a burn victem she did not want to be with anymore. Before I was injured we totally vibed our frequency was matched, and I am left with this anxiety that I lost the one who counted. Any input or viewpoints are welcome. I know we will both survive on our own, i just saw what we were like as a team, and I dont know how to approach any of it, i feel like i was tossed into the ocean and forgot how to swim, so im just kinda out there flailing. lol.
29 d
I appreciate the input everyone. I feel like I caused her to be down, and now she is lost in the forest, and refuses any help, but i have in my journey made the corrections i needed and can see how the tables have turned, i just want to help her navigate out of the forest, and in my clarity and experience i can see that she is there where i was but like me she can not see she is there..
Have you ever survived being with someone dealing with trauma and depression?
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