Why does my ex still view my stories?

My ex and I broke up 6 months ago. He was the one who broke up with me, because I took him for granted in the last two years of our 5 year relationship. When we broke up we kept each other on all of our social media accounts and he makes music, a lot of what he wanted to say he said in his music; saying that I pushed my luck, and that I fucked his life up and some other things. I was surprised because he never told me how he felt and he decided to say it publicly. I messaged him and tried to talk to him, got no reply.

I would post stories just of daily activities, and he would always watch my stories. As the months went by I started to realize that I couldn’t keep being in denial and I had to really start to move on; and not assume that he still wants me just because he still views my stories. I removed him from everything and did not expect any response since he ignored my previous messages. I was expecting to move on. But, He contacted me the next day on Snapchat and said ‘you removed me from here?’ This came as a surprise because I didn’t hear from him for months. I told him that I was having a hard time moving on, and also took the chance to sincerely apologize for every single thing I did. He told me he did not hate me and said I am still special to him but he will not be taken for granted. We caught up, then we later said good night and he told me to take care ‘cute stuff’. Then he added me back on Snapchat, and I added him. That was that.

I continued to post stories on Instagram, and he makes it obvious to view them. I followed him on Instagram but he doesn’t follow back, he just views my stories. He knows I still want him but he of course doesn’t want to give me a chance. I miss him so much... but I know he still carries resentment. I hurt him really bad. I never cheated on him, but I put my family above him for years and neglected him & just stopped caring for the relationship.
Why does he still view my stories but does not follow me on Instagram?
Why does my ex still view my stories?
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