Has an ex ever tried to "honey trap" you?

Has an ex ever tried to
In previous questions I have stated that I have been working closely with my ex to help her out with her issues and get her life back on track, and many G@gers have pointed out it could be a ruse or a "honey trap" on her part to get me back.
I understand their concerns are legitimate and have noticed some signs on her part, but I keep strict boundaries and clear distances, and to almost never be alone with her.
What about you?
1 y
I got wary when she started speaking of the "old times", but she understood it wasn't the moment nor appropriate and quit it.
1 y
My girlfriend and I just talked about this, mainly because I brought it up to her.
She was cool, but since I brought it up, she felt she had to put up some conditions she had in mind.
Those conditions are that I shouldn't met my ex more than once per week, that my girlfriend must know when I'm doing that and that I must answer her calls, and that I should expect my ex to pay back a series of sums I lent her in the last weeks.
I agree with her on all of them.
Has an ex ever tried to "honey trap" you?
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