What is in his mind? does he like me or wants to break up with me?

hey guys

i am really curious what is in his mind.. so pls help me lol

i made same mistake twice.. it`s my bad.. so he blocked my number and whatsapp
(not instgram, line)

2 weeks later, i asked him to meet and we met and i gave him letter to apologize and then we had dinner, watched movie like normal dating we used to do and he dropped me home... i asked him to stay my place (we always spent time on the weekends) and he said no.. because he needs read my letter and think about us... he said he still likes me, still care about me, also he said he was nervous to meet me and missed me so much... i was bit annoyed why he still needs time.. when i asked him "are you still upset with me?" he said "no.. not anymore but i got hurt a lot from you"

i don`t understand why he behaved like normal, when we met... we held hands when we walked street and before i left his car, i asked him to hug me and he kissed me as well.. so 2 days later, i messaged him again " I`m wondering what you think after my letter. i understand you need more time for us.. i respect that but hope it won`t be too long to decide because i`m having hard time to wait your answer as well.. so i will wait until the end of this month. if you don`t contact me by then i will take it as our relationship is totally over. i will give up on you and move on. i won`t blame you for this. i totally understand your side that is worried to hurt again so ending this relationship.."

it`s been 3 weeks and it is not enough time to think?
what is in his mind?
he made me confused too
he wants to break up with me?
should i message him again or waiting until this month?
What is in his mind? does he like me or wants to break up with me?
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