How do I reject a guy gently?

Well me and this guy have been chatting recently and we have been getting really close these last few months sort of like boyfriend and girlfriend, we sleep at each others place and stuff, I actually took his virginity... he's a great guy so sweet caring and attentive but I don't know, I want something different I want someone more exciting. This guy is the sort of guy you always feel safe around, he doesn't really know how to push himself. I've known him since school he was quiet then, he is just really introverted as a person he always plays ot safe! I want more excitement. There is the other guy I have been talking with recently too, he's just more exciting really, he's traveled around the world to like Asia and he's been to south America and Africa, this is what I want to do, he is also a nice guy too. I really wanna pursue with this other guy but I'm scared I'll really hurt my friend since I know he wants more! He told me after we slept together, I really don't want to hurt him but I can't pass up the opportunity with the new guy, how do I tell my friend I want to be just friends after I took his virginity and have basically strung him along.. I feel guilty because I'm the first person he has been like this with and I also don't want to lose his friendship either any advice?
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I chose my friend! Turns out the other guy was an asshole
How do I reject a guy gently?
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