Best friend turned boyfriend turned ex. Advice on how to stay friends?

my best friend and I have been best friends for 15 years now. He’s the closest person to me even more than my brothers, my sister or my parents. When I needed a helping hand I knew I could turn to him and would receive help - I can’t even depend on my family like that.

We started dating last year January and our relationship ended this March. I can admit it was over something that I said that hurt him and he has been unable to move past it. But even after our break up, we were unable to stop talking because of how close we are.

This September, I changed university so I am now further away from him and he’s come to visit me 3 times. Each of those times we ended up cuddling, having sex and taking naps together. But when I asked him about it he said he wasn’t ready to get back together nor did he want to move on and this really upset me because of course, I want to get back together. I ended up blocking him because it was something I needed to do to allow myself to heal.

Its now been 3 weeks since I’ve blocked him and I need some advice. My plan is to heal and detox myself the relationship and speak to him in the new year. However I need to know how we can keep the friendship. He is not someone I am willing to let go of in my life. Like he’s on the same level as family in my eyes. The issue is I still see him as the one I want to marry and I still love him but I have moved away from that place of hurt.

How do we continue being friends without romance until (and if) he’s ready to get back together? How do I not set myself up to get hurt again? What boundaries do we need to set in place?
Best friend turned boyfriend turned ex. Advice on how to stay friends?
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