Would you be offended by this?

It's been 7 months since I had a devastating breakup with my ex. I haven't felt the same since, and it didn't make things better when I tried dating too soon after and hurting myself more.
To further compound that, I suffered two serious concussions by nothing but dumb luck. For the most part I'm ok. But I feel depressed.
My dad and stepmom gave me a folder with counseling options and they said they believe I have aspurgers or some other kind of form of autism. I got immediately enraged and they pointed out it's a symptom.
In addition to this, before I graduated highschool, I told my parents I was suicidal and they told me I was insulting them and I shouldn't disrespect them like that. To which point I moved out a few days later.

Would you get offended by this? They said it caused my relationship to fail, and let to my depression and struggles now.
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Would you be offended by this?
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