Was this a bit too far?

I had to go to my recently married ex's work because my company is contracted to do facility repairs.
My ex and another girl were talking near me and the other girl told me she thought I was cute and asked for my number. My ex said 'I wouldn't do that, he's not worth the trouble'
I didn't say anything, and I gave her my number. She tried to ask me more and my ex kept interjecting. Saying I was a bad boyfriend, and I'd make her miserable.
At this point, I snapped. I said at least I wasn't a little sneak and cheater who ran off with my engagement ring and married another guy. And I laughed and pointed at her and said, 'no wait, that was you!'
The other girl asked my ex if that was true, and my ex got pissed and stormed off. I laughed it off, and went back to work.
What I didn't expect them was the girl gave me a pat on the butt and said she wouldn't be like her. Then also left.

Was what I said a bit too far?
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Was this a bit too far?
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