Should I ask my ex to take me back?

This is going to be long. I may get made fun of, but I want to tell the full story so you can give the most accurate advice.

My ex & I started dating after about a year of knowing each other. He was always asking me to be his, but I'm 10 years older than him so I didn't want to. Plus it would have been a long distance relationship.

Finally I said yes, & he confessed he fell in love with me a month after we 1st met. Eventually I fell in love with him too & then the problems started.

We're from 2 different backgrounds & both had different expectations. He's very conservative & I'm liberal. He'd get upset about me doing things like drinking in public, hugging other men (or letting them touch me in any way really), or wearing clothes that he felt were too revealing. On the other hand, I'd get upset about him not contributing financially when I had a hardship, telling white lies to spare my feelings or not make me mad at him, & not keeping in touch as often I want. All of this caused a lot of tension in our relationship.

I broke up with him multiple times & each time he begged me back. Recently we had a huge fight & broke up again. I felt the relationship was too toxic & he had let me down for the last time when I needed him after losing my job. We said really beyond horrible things to each other. I'm talking death threats, name calling & more. We blocked each other.

I started missing him a lot & unblocked him to apologize because I still wanted him in my life just not as a boyfriend. He still wants us to be together & is acting angry & really mean towards me for not saying the same. He's not willing to be friends or talk to me at all unless we're together. I don't know what to do now. I want to be with him more than anything but I feel like we shouldn't be together with the issues we had. But I don't want to lose him completely. Should I ask him back out or just move on? I miss him so much & it hurts that he's being so mean to me just because we're not together.
Should I ask my ex to take me back?
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