Do I tell my ex, even if she asks, if I've been with anyone? Stuck in a situation with my ex and this new girl...advice please!

So here's the deal, my ex an I dated for a little under 2 years, we broke up about a year and 3-4 months ago. Lately we have been hanging out, I'd say since around new years time we have been hanging out and been really good, a few arguments here and there, all which en in apologizes or we stop and realize how dumb it is before it blows up. We've gotten really close again and I've thought about asking her out, but not yet, becuase she's so busy with work and school, I couldn't put myself in the middle of that. We are single, yet not hooking up with other people or seeing anyone else.

Anyways, here's the part I'm confused on. I've told her I wanted her and that I can see myself with her. I don't want to put my life on hold and hope that one day we'll get married. There are signs from her actions and words that say yes we will but then when tempers flare there are times where she is like I'll never be with you again blah blah, then we settle down and the next day she'll say she loves me and all this other stuff. I know arguments are normal but why say all that extra crap...

OK so I've been working at this bar, there is this girl that and we both obviously have an attraction for one another. Recently I was at the place iw ork at for my birthday and she had commented how much of a stud I am when I go out and even when I work. She told my sister she could see herself dating me and how cool/great of a guy I am. Well to be honest I am pretty interested in taking her out sometime, the only thing is tho, she currently has a boyfriend. I usually tend to stay away with girls with boyfriends but for some reason I want to take this girl out, I don't like the fact that she has a boyfriend but is interested in me, it makes me worry that if I take the chance and date her (eventually) that she could end up doing this with someone else. It also puts me on edge due to teh fact she seems so interested in me yet she has a boyfriend ( I do not know their history or relationship or him, nothing about them really). I enjoy flirting with her and she is very open and fun.

What am I to do? I feel if I take her out I'll be betraying my ex because neither of us are talking or going on dates with anyone else, but I also feel as if I don't take this then maybe I'll be missing something? We are both single, I've worked a long time to gain my ex's trust back and get to the point where she tells me she loves me again, I just don't understand what's going on. What would you do? What are you suggestions? Do I take her out and see where it goes, see what potential there could be? She Doesn't seem to have much of a history with her current boyfriend and Doesn't seem to interested in him or her future with him... Do I even need to tell my ex about this even tho we aren't dating? If I do hook up with this girl am I wrong? Do I tell my ex even if she asks if I've been with anyone? Like I said we're single but I'm just so confused.

vote and explain if you can pls or any personal expiernces
Take her our and weigh your options
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Don't do it, you'll regret it
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Who am I to decide, make your own decisions
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Don't tell your ex either way, its none of her business
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Even if you take her out you aren't doing anything wrong
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Do I tell my ex, even if she asks, if I've been with anyone? Stuck in a situation with my ex and this new girl...advice please!
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