Am I really a cheater?

So about 2 weeks ago I get a call in the middle of the night fro my then boyfriend telling me how he told his family about us and they want us to split

We talked it out and decided to take a break

However we still talked everyday, kissed, and even talked about getting married one day

During these 2 weeks I made him block this female friend who was liking his posts after it caused a huge argument with us. And I told him how people think I flirt with the new guy at work. He saw we snapped eachother but it was for work.

Anyways a week after that we had a huge fight over something else and he lost it and called me some mean names. Abusive. So I ended it completely.

Within a week after that I got with my co worker. I told my ex cause he kept bothering me and he told me I am a cheater.
Am I really a cheater?
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