He's blocked me from phone and facebook, will he ever talk to me again?

Been back and forth with my ex. Things were OK, but he asked for space this weekend. I guess I didn't give him enough. He ignored a few of my texts, so I got mad and told him I was going to ruin his life, his relationship with the girl he was dating, and would come down there and bother him until I got what I wanted. (I was drunk, not my finest moment!) That night I found when I called him that he blocked my cell number. She blocked me on her facebook a week ago when I emailed her telling him what he's been doing behind her back, but now neither of their profiles can be found on facebook. They are non-existent, I had my random friend check. It's safe to say they both want me out of their lives.

What are the odds that the two of them are still dating? (he cheated on her and she's found out 2x and they were never officially together, from what I hear and the texts he shows me)

What are the odds of him ever talking to me again?

Is an apology in order for my behavior?

P.S. He's an extremely immature guy who runs from any issue so I'm not surprised he blocked me out. I wouldn't be surprised if he blocked her too since he said we were both drviing him nuts.
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I found their facebook profiles, both of them changed their names and pictures and blocked me. Um, if you know me, I couldn't hurt a fly, why in the world did they go to such lengths to get away? They could have just blocked me!
He's blocked me from phone and facebook, will he ever talk to me again?
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