Are your parents divorced?

Just curious... divorce rate (in U. S., anyway) is about 55% these days. Do you parents fall within this statistic?
At what age were you when they divorced?
And do you think they did everything they could to work it out, stay together, or do you think they gave up too soon/easily?
I have no idea what this t-shirt is about, but she sure is cute.
I have no idea what this t-shirt is about, but she sure is cute.
My parents were 4 when they split up. My mum immediately got together with another guy. We did not get along, nor like each other. My dad moved away to find work. It definitely was disjointed and made things difficult. But it was a long time ago, and it made me grow up quicker. They should never have been together, in my opinion. Very different interests, etc. But lots of incompatible people have kids. It's why many of us are here.
It had no bearing on my relationships. I was different from them, in a lot of ways. Got married in my late 20s and am still together, 20 years later. I think each relationship is different, can be measured on its own. What I do miss is a family home to go back to. That's the sad part for me. I am always looking for a sense of home. My environment is very important to me. But that's also partly for other reasons.
Yes, they are divorced, or are separated, or will be divorced soon.
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No, my parents are still together.
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Other. I was adopted, born from other methods, out of wedlock, they were never a couple, etc. etc.
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Aw man, I made 3 big typos. I have a new keyboard and I am still getting used to it, making a lot of mistakes. I meant:

Are YOUR parents divorced?
Do YOUR parents fall within this statistic?
"I" was 4 when my parents split up.

I wasn't meaning to ask the parents on this site if they, themselves, are divorced. That's a whole other topic.
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Sorry -
If your parents stayed married all the way up until one passing away, vote as "still together."
Are your parents divorced?
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