My Ex is Entitled and Does Whatever He Wants?

The separation between us is super fresh - not even 3 months and he already moves onto a new relationship after 11 years together. It was a mentally abusive relationship where I did everything for him and it was never good enough. Now we are in the early stages of divorce

My ex comes up to pick up our daughter every weekend, comes 1 out of the 2 weekend days and shows up at inconsistent times. Sometimes 2pm, 4pm, etc. And it's annoying because my daughter and I have to wait on him.

I have asked him not to bring his new girlfriend around for the PICKUP and DROPOFF of our daughter. He refuses and keeps threatening me to do what he says or he will take me to court. Last time, him and his new girlfriend called the cops on me for no reason and I recorded it all... cops said that because I am uncomfortable and he is not cooperating that he can come back ALONE to get the child however I cannot control who he sees afterwards. Fair. But he didn't come back for our daughter and decides to blame me for denying his visitation...

Now he is coming back WITH the girlfriend this weekend to pickup my daughter and I have already asked him so many times not to bring her. I don't care if he is seeing her. I'm not denying him to see his daughter but he just refuses to cooperate. After we divorce - I don't care, bring her. But everything is so fresh. And its confusing my kid.

I want to be civil but he keeps doing whatever he wants and I'm tired of it. That was the sum of our marriage. Control& intimidation

Am I wrong to want to withhold his visitation with our child until we can get some paper work signed? Is it wrong I refuse the visitation because he has not once cooperated with any of my requests?

I understand and want my daughter to spend time with her father (regardless the little effort he gives to spend with her) but he keeps running around me in circles and refuses to even sit down so we can discuss co-parenting-- instead he calls the cops on me because I want to talk.
My Ex is Entitled and Does Whatever He Wants?
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