Has anyone else dealt with a narcissistic person before?

before you write a comment just block him - yes he is BLOCKED
I just want to know if anyone else has dealt with something like this before?
So my ex just changed started drinking, silent treatment, very up and down mood swings. I tried to be supportive even got him a nice spa break and even gave him some space. However recently he was drunk and he was sending direct pictures to me of women and I said why you sending me this for and he said because its funny. I said its not funny its hurtful iv done nothing to you please go seek help this is not right. He then says this is why I distanced myself from you because of this. LIKE WHAT!!! GASLIGHTING!!! I then had to block him as I got so upset and the girl messaged me and said look were just friends I said look its not that his sending me direct images of you to me and I just find it weird, upsetting and disrespectful its not funny and hope you understand and I blocked her too. He then messaged me off a different account and said he was ringing the police on me I said iv done nothing wrong im happy to sit down with the police and show them what you are doing here.

Has anyone been in similar situation to this? how did you deal with this? I feel so hurt its unreal
Has anyone else dealt with a narcissistic person before?
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