Forgive and let go or not?

Me and my boyfriend got into an argument a few days ago and he said some mean stuff like (I hate you, you're dead to me, your lame and I don't mean sh** to him).
He even through in all the times he's been faithful to me.

I haven't talked to him since and he's been calling my phone but I won't answer. I talked to my best friend about it and she says her and her boyfriend argue like that all the time and make up afterwards but I can't get over the things he said to me.

Should I forgive him and let it go or move on?
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There's this girl that keeps messaging us and whenever we block her she'd make a new account and start sending us even more messages. Well she sent me a message saying that my boyfriend is cheating on me with another girl but I thought she was lying and just trying to break us up so I blocked her again. When my boyfriend asked what the message was I told him it's nothing she's just trying to break us up and I didn't want to talk about it. That's when he got upset and said all those things
Forgive and let go or not?
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