Is This Considered Emotional CHILD abuse?

My husband and I are going through a divorce. It's super fresh.

I allow and supervise phone calls between my daughter and him, I stay on the other side of the room and do not intervene unless I feel my girl is under distress.

Today he started pressuring our 6 year old daughter with difficult questions and claiming that she's lying to him because she's scared of me. I always encourage my daughter to tell the truth and she's a good and honest kid! However her father kept pushing and pushing... my daughter became silent and sad, she told him she wasn't lying and wanted to talk about something else (something fun) but he wouldn't let go of the subject. He was trying to make her say that I have been unkind to her and forcing her to tell lies about whatever and whatever... my girl was so uncomfortable. I stepped in and he hung up on me right away.

My daughter was crying afterwards saying that she didn't like him doing that.

I'm so upset... what does he say to her when he does visitation? I can't even imagine but I'm so uncomfortable with his state of mind.

It's a divorce. He is bitter but don't drag our child into the middle just because you're angry!!
Is This Considered Emotional CHILD abuse?
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