Ex blocked me after NC period?

So my ex broke up with me but wanted to remain friends, at the time I couldn’t remain friends as it hurt too much so I removed him off everything. He got really upset by that as before he told me he was really scared of loosing me completely.

He blocked me on fb after I removed him as a friend, but still followed me on insta, even liking a picture I took 2 weeks into NC. After 6 weeks off NC I decided to finally message him to just be friends as I had moved on but still missed him as a friend.

He didn’t respond which I was like okay fair enough, however, 2 days later he’s blocked me on WhatsApp. I don’t understand why he’s still angry with me, I only messaged him once and left it and just took it as he doesn’t want to speak to me, but to block me just screams he hates me & I don't know why, he broke up with me!
Ex blocked me after NC period?
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