Why wouldn’t he stay friends?

I finished things with my ex because he couldn’t give me what I wanted and he even acknowledged that.

We dated for a year and things were quite intense.

When i brokenit off he got mad and didn't want to talk talk to me. After a while he calmed down and we spoke briefly again and he said some nice things but he clearly doesn’t want to be friends with me. It’s made me sad because I’d still like to know how he’s getting on in life. We were like best friends and lovers.

What angers me most though is that he’s still friendly with a girl who cheated on him years ago and a girl he only had a brief fling with for a couple of months!!

why can he be friends with them and not me? I actually loved him.
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I loved him but he didn’t love me back so I don’t think it’s abytg to do with that
Why wouldn’t he stay friends?
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