Ex boyfriend with ED on tinder a month after our break up?

My ex and I broke up a month ago. His ED was influencing me and my self-esteed too much to the point where I couldnt handle it. We had tried everything: therapy, seksuologist, pills...
We were together for a 1,5 years. We loved each other so so much and we were both feeling blessed to have the other person. I cannot express how intense the love was on both the sides. However it couldnt continue due to the ED. I could not live like that my whole life without normal regular sex.
A month after the break up I heart he is on tinder from friends of mine. Why? He said he is definitely not ready for a new relationship and hook ups dont really seem like an option. Maybe he can have sex with someone if he uses the sex pill..
Moreover, the photos he has on tinder are from 5-6 years ago. He had a quite muscular and athletic body then. Now he has quite of a belly and his head also looks different due to the gained weight. So he is kind of like a catfish on tinder.
Why is he on tinder so soon? Did he get over me so soon? What might be the real reason?
Ex boyfriend with ED on tinder a month after our break up?
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