Is she manipulative?

Hi There, not sure where to begin with.
I've dated a woman for a year. And it's been on and off for the past few months. I'm 26 and she's 37. which isn't really unusual for me as all of my ex's were at least 7 years older than me for some reason. So, me and this woman stared seeing each other December last year. We fell for each other, or at least I thought she did too. Things started to fall apart quite badly after 4 months. We started arguing quite aggressively. We both are heavy drinkers. So it used to get quite nasty sometimes. She has a temper, and so do I.
When I realized all of this, I tried to fix it by reducing my drinking and have a bit of more control overy myself. But I found out it's never easy when the person on the other side isn't trying. Still, I gave it more effort and hard work that eventually had me losing 13 kgs in only 2 months. But this isn't the problem for me. The problem was she never acknowledged anything that I do to maintain this relationship. It was actually pretty much the opposite in many ways.

After a lot of troubles along the way and her bad treatment towards me, for some reason I kept on trying to fix things. I don't know if it just started to become a challenge to me. Anyway, I found out that when we have our arguments, she goes and speak very badly of me to almost every one she knows. She tries to ruin my reputation in every way possible. I called her once and she made one of her friends answer me. She tries to hurt me in every way possible. And the reason I'm writing all of this is that I can't speak badly of her to people that know her. I don't want to give bad image of her even though she did in every way possible.

There's no way I can include all of the details. But I've never felt this hate towards someone in my life. After being madly in love with her. All I want now is to see her suffer like she made me.

Please let me know what are your thoughts and if there's anything you need to ask, I'll be honest because
25 d
Because I am looking for honest opinions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Is she manipulative?
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